Two Weeks… a film by Johnny Abegg

When the Audience Speaks!
April 7, 2011, 4:08 am
Filed under: Testimonials

I am both honoured and humbled to receive words such as these about Two Weeks…


Once again you twisted messages in a creative manner that makes the surfing audiences ‘think’ and that is an excellent quality for any film to deliver.

It has the audience saying to themselves ‘what the fuck am I watching’ and as they sit through it you know that they are silently asking themselves ‘Why the fuck am I staying here’ but they do.

Every single one of them do until the very end.

Afterward, many just sit there while others have a deer like stare that says it all ‘ Damn that was good – ‘I get it’.

Others that are trapped in their exhaust filled lives, cough, and say damn I wished I could just break away, get away.

Deep within the film like inside the tube or ourselves we all discover the ‘inner freedom’ that stokes our souls.

We discover through your film that home is just as important, maybe more important, than any far away land.

Just paddling out or climbing on a cliff with arms out stretched yelling at Mother Ocean sometimes seems like enough.

The best part though was your willingness to stretch subject matter (surfing & freedom) to another realm and to take the risk by producing something totally different.

For me personally I thank you for sharing with me and rest assured it will be shared with other in my travels,in hopes,
that it stirs their inner being enough to embrace all that is important to them on a daily basis.

To re-discover oneself daily inwardly is surely the very beginning stages of experiencing ‘FREEDOM’ to the fullest.

Once again – GREAT JOB – an excellent surfing film.


Rob Beedie, GSN
Global Surf Network


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