Two Weeks… a film by Johnny Abegg

Two Weeks…
September 29, 2010, 12:01 am
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Confusion. Doubt. Heartbreak.  I find this experience difficult to put into words, but after a two year roller-coaster, my film “Two Weeks” is finished.

‘Two Weeks’ has honestly been one of the hardest, yet triumphant endeavors of my life. I’ve poured my heart into this film.

I hope you feel this experience too… Love Johnny x

Break free with Johnny Abegg as he takes ‘Two Weeks’ off from his monotonous world of wavering ideals and a growing unhappiness, to experience the remote wilderness of Tasmania on his own.

The decision takes Johnny on an inward journey, to a place of reflection, accountability and deep self inquiry; facing a hidden ‘dark side’ alone, within the unforgiving landscape. Through the internal battle of opposites, amplified by the humbling surrounds; Abegg is stripped back to the basic creature that he is, to find a moment of clarity amidst the endless questions…

So is there an answer? A right way to live? Find out for yourself. Just surrender.


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